Monday, August 17, 2015

Speakeasy Santa Fe: The Matador

The gang from Mystery Playground went on a road to to Santa Fe, and we had so much fun we're sharing it with you. Yesterday we showed you photos of the drive from Denver and the beautiful house where we stayed. Today we're talking about a hole in the wall modern speakeasy, called The Matador. This bar truly was a gambling hall in the 1890s and during Prohibition it turned into a Speakeasy, which means it's in the basement and there aren't any windows. 

To get to The Matador you go down these stairs, just like Kerry and Kim are about to here. It isn't much to look at on the outside. There are those who might describe it as a dive bar, but don't let that stop you. 

Once you get inside the Matador is dark and red, but the drinks are excellent. The house drink is called, you guessed it, The Matador. But they'll make you anything you like, and put something together custom for you if you want to try something new. They do not serve food at this time, but there are plenty of stories and good company served up nightly. 

The bartender says that a ghost lives at The Matador from the gambling joint days of the Old West, a former "enforcer" named Guillermo. An enforcer is a sort of freelance gunslinger/outlaw. Old Guillermo used to hang out in the bar with his black hat, shot gun and leather duster coat. One day, when his luck ran out and he was shot here, his ghost went ahead and stayed. 

Now every night the bartender leaves Guillermo a shot of whiskey sitting on the bar and every morning when they come in the glass is empty. If the bartender forgets to leave the shot the night before, all sorts of things start happening - from the bar stools spinning to things crashing down in the storeroom. Best to leave that shot of whiskey ... and don't be trying to pass off the cheap stuff.

The Matador is located in downtown Santa Fe at W. San Francisco & Galisteo Streets. You do not need a reservation and there is no password. 

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