Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Book Review: Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Sharon Long is here to review Kristi Belcamino's latest novel, Blessed are Those Who Mourn...

Blessed are Those Who Mourn is the fourth book in the Gabriella Giovanni Mystery series by Kristi Belcamino. This book published by Witness Impulse for William Morrow was released today. I was intrigued by the title and curious to read this book. I am happy to report, this mystery thriller did not disappoint. 

Gabriella, a crime reporter, her detective boyfriend, Donovan, and their daughter Grace are enjoying an evening at the beach waiting for the sunset. Gabriella has gone to the car for a jacket as it is getting cold. As she is walking back, she sees a man close to Grace and finds herself frozen in place due to panic. Donovan is on his phone and does not see as the man starts to grab his daughter's arm. The man looks at Gabriella and their eyes meet. Donovan questions the man about what he is doing and his response is Grace is so cute and he is sorry. The man leaves after more questions and Gabriella is still shaken as something about him did not seem right.   

No sunset tonight as Donovan tells her there has been a murder of a girl on the banks of Roe Island. They quickly leave and drop Grace off at her grandmother's house. Once at the crime scene, Donovan becomes the detective and Gabriella the reporter. She is standing with the other reporters but gets bored and begins walking. Gabriella sees a piece of paper and picks it up realizing it is a bible verse. Now she is really starting to shake thinking that he is back. The man who kidnaped and later murdered her seven-year-old sister 25 years ago. That killer used this same verse for his first victim. The story quickly moves to more murders and more danger, even life and death, for Gabriella and her family. 

I was drawn into the story immediately wanting to also know if the killer had returned. The idea of bible verses at murder scenes, I found to be brilliant. I really enjoyed Gabriella because she is a strong woman who does not back down in a fight. San Francisco and the surrounding beaches are a perfect backdrop for the story. I also enjoyed Gabriella's big Italian family and their love for each other. This story evokes strong emotions in the characters and the reader as I could clearly relate to the anguish both past and present. The plot is fast paced and extremely realistic. Again this is the fourth book in this series which is one where it is not necessary to read the previous books. This is the first I have read and did not feel like I was missing any information. Now I am going back to read the other three in the series for my own pleasure and enjoyment.

This book was provided by the publisher to Mystery Playground. The review is fair and independent. 


  1. The Bible verses sound so creepy, in a great way. The books sounds awesome.

  2. Belcamino writes very well and has a good story to tell. It is fast paced and difficult to put down. Her gift, however, is getting the reader into the head of Gabriella. I felt as though I was experiencing some of the things that she was experiencing. What more can the reader ask?