Thursday, September 10, 2015

Skeleton Cameo Bracelet

Today on Crafty Thursday we have a super easy bracelet to make - The Skeleton Cameo. This bracelet takes minutes and it looks great when you're done. First lets get your materials together...


  • Black lucite blank bracelet (this one came from Beadaholique)
  • Plastic cameo blanks (make sure they are size that fits the bracelet you selected; they have several designs to choose from, flowers, pirates, skeletons, cats, etc.). 
Some other cameo options: 

  • E6000 glue - dries fast and stays firm
  • A damp towel - this is to wipe extra glue away. It should be damp, not soggy. 

Step One:

Put some glue on your first blank on the bracelet. Then apply the cameo. Wipe away any excess quickly. Hold it until it gets firm, about 30 seconds. 

Step Two:
Glue the remaining cameos in place, taking care to wipe any excess away quickly. You'll have to hold each cameo for 20-30 seconds to make sure it stays. 

And you're done! Wasn't that easy and satisfying? Sometimes you just need a craft that you know will come out looking great and doesn't require a lot of finesse. 

Come on back next Thursday for a special Agatha Christie themed craft that you won't want to miss....