Sunday, November 29, 2015

Book Review: Santa Cruise by Mary & Carol Higgins Clark

Sharon Long is here to review one of her favorite Christmas mysteries by one of her favorite writing duos, Mary and Carol Higgins Clark. If you are looking for the answers to the Parnell Hall crossword puzzle we posted last Tuesday, scroll to the end of the page. 

Santa Cruise: A Holiday Mystery at Sea published by Simon & Schuster. This is the fourth, holiday mystery from Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark. A few years ago I met both Mary and Carol at a book signing at the Tattered Cover bookstore in Highlands Ranch, CO. They explained they went on a cruise in the summer and sat side by side to write this book. Both were extremely gracious when I met them. It was a thrill for me to shake Mary's hand as I have read every one of her books. I have read the majority of Carol's Regan Reilly mystery series as well. What I find so interesting is that each has their own personal style of writing and together it is even a third style.   

Alvirah Meehan, lottery winner and now amateur sleuth, has won a holiday cruise due to her many charitable contributions. She along with her husband, Willy, convince their good friends, Nora and Luke Reilly and their daughter Regan and her husband Jack to join them.  The six of them board the Royal Mermaid on December 26th. This is the maiden voyage and the Commodore has decided to invite 400 people who have made the world a better place to join him for free. The cruise complete with 10 Santas in costume is dubbed the Santa Cruise.

But once the ship sets sail, trouble ensues as unknown to the passengers except one, criminals have been smuggled onboard. During this four day cruise, there are various mishaps, a ghost and, of course, a terrible storm is brewing. As more things keep happening, Regan, a private investigator, and her husband, head of the NY Major Case squad, become suspicious. But not to worry, Alvirah and her famous starburst microphone pin are ready to start investigating. 

What follows is a wonderfully told mystery with a little humor. Santa Cruise makes for a fast, nice holiday read. This book will put in you the holiday spirit. With a cruise, mystery, possible murder and 10 Santas, doesn't that just spell holidays.

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Here are the answers to the Mystery Crossword Puzzle that we posted last Tuesday:

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  1. Thanks for advising the book. It is really amazing how lottery can be life-changing for people. It surely goes to my to-read-list.