Thursday, November 19, 2015

Crafty Thursdays: Shepherd's Hook Bookmarks

Today we're making Shepherd's Hook Bookmarks. They are called Shepherd's Hook bookmarks because of the shape of the metal blank that you start out with. This craft is super easy but you do need some tools that you won't find around the house. This was a group craft and Kim Hammond, Kerry Hammond, Sharon Long, and TK Starr all participated. We're using Kerry's bookmark as the example:

Here's what you need:

  • Cool beads (the Raven bead came from Michaels)
  • Shepherd's hook book mark blank (I got mine from Etsy)
  • Wire
  • Eye Hooks
  • Jeweler's round nose pliers
  • Jewelers wire cutters
Step One:
Choose your beads and the order that you'd like them to go in. 

Step Two:
Start from the bottom bead and work up. For the purposes of this bookmark, we started with The Raven. Take an eye hook pin, open it up with your pliers and slip it through the hole at the top. Close the circle with your pliers. 

Step Three:
Next we strung three beads on the pin and made a loop with the pliers. Repeat with more beads. 

Step Four:
Repeat until all the beads you'd like are in the chain. 

Step Five:
Attached to the bookmark blank. And you are done!

Here are all the gang's bookmarks. You can see that every one of them is different. 

That's all for Crafty Thursdays this week. Enjoy your bookmarks. 

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  1. We all had a great time making these. It was fun to have the whole MP group together!