Friday, November 27, 2015

Drinks with TV: Major Crimes

Photo: Jonathan Del Arco

Every Friday Mystery Playground matches a wonderful book with the perfect drink, and every Monday, during the season of TNT's Major Crimes, we recap Q&A sessions on social media with the shows' stars and executive producer, James Duff

Dr. Morales not drinking cocktails here
Well, this week Friday has collided with Monday, because Jonathan Del Arco, Major Crimes coroner extraordinaire, has provided us with what he considers to be the perfect drink to enjoy while watching the show... 

The Major Crimes Greyhound with a Sugar Salt Rim

His recipe goes a little like this:

"Vodka and grapefruit juice and sugar and salt on the edge of the glass! Bam!" Sounds delicious. 

Jonathan's character on the show, Dr. Morales, is one of my favorites and we'll get to see much more of him because Major Crimes was renewed for another season. 

Major Crimes: James Duff, Mike Berchem, Kathe Mazur, Jonathan Del Arco, Damani Johnson, Kendall Sherwood and Adam Belanof

Major Crimes airs on TNT Monday nights at 9 pm. 

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