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#MajorCrimes Q&A with James Duff, Kathe Mazur & Phillip P. Keene

Kathe Mazur & Phillip P. Keene

Before we get started, since the holidays are coming up I'd like to tell you about two Major Crimes charitable giving opportunities. 

The first is for the Sunshine Kids, a charity that helps children with cancer. GW Bailey, who plays Lt. Louie Provenza, started this charity and you may remember the Major Crimes cookbook that went on sale to raise funds. Well now, the folks at Glassy Babies will donate 10% of all votive purchases to the Sunshine Kids when you use the code "sunshine." These hand-blown glass votives are beautiful when the candle light shines through the glass. The photo above doesn't do them justice. Glassy Baby also brings local children from Sunshine Kids to the their facility and teaches them how to blow glass. It's a terrific experience for the kids.  

The second opportunity is from Jonathan Del Arco, who plays Dr. Morales. He has designed a T-Shirt for charity. According to Del Arco, a portion of proceeds from every shirt sold will benefit the amazing work of Operation Pits Healing Heroes, an organization that provides companion and service pit bulls to veterans in need. This shirt is only available this week and then it’s gone forever so Dr. Morales fans will want to move fast on this one. And if you want to know what beverage Jonathan Del Arco suggests goes with Major Crimes, we have that too. 

And now for the Q&A. As usual, we only include James' answers - it makes it easier and he does a good job of recapping the question in his answer. I've also removed any specific references to tonight's episode. Now let's get started...

James Duff Hi, everyone. Here with Phillip and Kathe (Buzz and DDA Andrea Hobbs) to spend a little time with you while you're watching the show. And to say we're starting our trial of Slider tonight, as well as looking for an experienced murderer!

James Duff Kate S asks what Andrea's back story is. Is Andrea married. Does she have kids. Hobbs isn't married and doesn't like kids. She loves being single, but would get married to the right guy. But, for her, the right guy, has a very high bar to get over!

James Duff Lorraine B asks if Kathe will be on the show permanently. I certainly hope so. Kathe loves being here and is part of our family of actors and writers. She won her place honestly, by being brilliant once too often!

James Duff Phillip wants everyone to know that Kathe is considered a series regular by everyone on the show. And that they all want to see her name in the opening credits one day.

James Duff Ilona Arcari asks since Patrice and Provenza got engaged, is their a chance this could happen to Andy and Sharon. Ilona! I can't tell you that! Sharon is much more careful about these things than Provenza! 

James Duff Deborah Lacy asks what the hardest thing is about playing DDA Hobbs. Kathe says, by far, the hardest thing, is wearing high heals for fourteen hours. And Spanx!

James Duff Renée N W asks Kathe if playing Hobbs has made her interested in learning the law. Kathe says playing Hobbs she's already learning the law, just be memorizing the dialogue. And that she probably prefers the lighting in our courtroom to the real thing. But her little boy is definitely learning the law. And plays Major Crimes with her at home. Except, when he acts the part of a detective, he fake smokes. Which is funny, because none of our cops smoke.

James Duff And someone asks if we will still have time to meet our usual air dates for Season Five this summer. I certainly will be ready. But these are not issues decided by me!

James Duff Greg Rikaart does a terrific job in tonight's episode representing Slider.

James Duff And Rene Rosado does a great job as Gustavo Wallace.

James Duff Just looking at that courtroom scene, it's pretty amazing that our recurring cast, like Ron Monrasco and Garrett Coffey and Greg R. have created full characters, sometimes out of moments.

James Duff Oh, God. Someone has asked the inevitable. How does one pronounce Kathe name! Kay-ta. Maze-er.

James Duff So it goes like this: Kay-tah Maze-er.

James Duff Trinity D KT asks if Hobbs and Sharon are good friends. They are!

James Duff Sharon often calls Hobbs by her first name, and vice versa. They have a lot of respect for each other, but Andrea keeps reminding everyone of why she doesn't have a murder case.

James Duff On the show we call Hobbs, Our Lady of Perpetual Bad News, because she's always knocking down the case, as established.

James Duff Traci R asks if there will be any new episodes next year featuring Buzz's family. Maybe!

James Duff There will be a big story with Buzz next year that goes all season long. Also, there will be another Flynn & Provenza episode. And another Flynn & Provenza & Buzz episode.

James Duff Linda Kaplan asks if Jon Tenney, who directed tonight's episode, will be in our five part mini-aerie this February! Yes, and we hope to have him several times next year as well.

James Duff Ilona Arcari also asks if Buzz will have Christmas sweaters again this year. Of course! But maybe not quite as loud as they were in seasons past. (check out how to make Ugly Sweater Cookies)

James Duff Buzzflynnza! I love that. Apparently, it's a hash tag!

James Duff Kathe actually did a stint on Castle recently, playing a Russian spy, which shoots on the same lot as us. And she could actually see her trailer on our show from her trailer at Castle.

James Duff Your mom isn't your mom until she tells you she doesn't like what you're doing, and to fix it immediately. And Sharon finally tells Rusty off for not connecting. Now she's completely his mother.

James Duff @Dani M asks if Phillip had a cold when filming this episode. Yes! He did! I thought about having him come in an loop some of his lines, but the truth is, people are sometimes sick at work.

James Duff Hannah H - Kathe says it's a dream job. And that she loves the scenes she has with our series regulars, but also deeply admires the actors who are only playing through for a single episode. Not just for their talent, but their bravery and their amazing hard work.

James Duff Have a great week, and enjoy the holidays!

If you have a question for James Duff, head on over the Major Crimes Facebook page next week at 9pm ET and 6pm PT. He answers as many questions as he can every week. You can find Mystery Playground on Facebook and on Twitter +Mystery Playground.

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