Sunday, January 10, 2016

Trip to the Lasseter Winery

John Lasseter, one of the brains behind the rise of Pixar Studies and the current domination of Disney animation, owns a winery in Glen Ellen, California, called the Lasseter Family Winery. While there is no visible connection to Disney at the winery, it's a beautiful place to visit, they have a great tour of the small winery and at the end of the tour they serve an excellent wine tasting and food pairing. Reservations are required for the tour and the wine tasting. 

The first stop on the tour is to the vines. You can see here that we visited close to the harvest time. Here you learn about the grapes they grow and what they do to keep them healthy. 

The next stop is where they make and age the wine. Here's a big barrel of Merlot before it goes into the oak barrels a few photos below. 

You can see the top of the barrel. These are merlot grapes. 

The Lasseter Family Winery is a small winery so you can see all the phases of production intimately. 

The tour takes about 30 minutes and at the end you get this lovely wine and food pairing to test taste the wines. 

After the pairing, you may want to check out the sitting room inside one of the steel wine tank, called the tank lounge. 

The Lasseter Family winery is a relaxing and beautiful place to visit.

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  1. It was a fabulous winery to visit and I appreciate you taking us!