Thursday, March 17, 2016

Crafty Thursdays: Harry Potter Earrings

It's time for Crafty Thursdays, and since things have been a little crazy around here, we've been doing a little speed crafting. That means you can make yourself a pair of Harry Potter earrings in seconds, and I do mean seconds, with little or no skill. So are you ready to try it? I am...

First, you need to gather your materials. I found these fun lightning bolt charms at Hobby Lobby in Gilroy, CA. 

It's an owl, but not snowy like Hedwig. 


1) Lightening charms
2) Two earring hooks
3) Pliers
4) 30 seconds

Um, that's it. 

Step One:
Take your earring hook and the pliers. Turn the eye at bottom of the hook 180 degrees, using the pliers. Like so...

Step Two:
Open up the eye on the earring and thread the circle on the charm through the loop. Close the loop with the pliers. 

Done! And you have some swell Harry Potter earrings... And the lightening bolts will hang the right way. Don't forget to tell anyone that compliments you that you made them.


  1. Very easy and fast. I think even an non-crafty person like myself could do this!