Sunday, April 24, 2016

221B Con in Atlanta, Part Three: The Costumes

Kerry's back to show us some of the costumes from the conference she attended.

221B Con is a yearly Sherlock Holmes convention held in Atlanta. It draws hundreds of people from around the country who share the love of all things Sherlock. The people who meet to celebrate Holmes and Watson use their creativity to make elaborate and fun costumes. There are no costume rules and all creations are welcome. There were so many, that it would have been impossible to show them all. Some people dabbled in the dress-up and simply wore tights with bees on them, to show Sherlock’s interest in beekeeping, and others wore the wallpaper print from the BBC show Sherlock on random items from tights to scarves. Below are a few of the costumes I found particularly creative.

There were quite a few people who dressed in period attire from the original Sherlock stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle. He wrote from 1891 until the early 1920s, so this covers the Edwardian and Victorian Eras. This woman sews her own gowns and presented on a costume panel at the conference, offering tips on dressing the part.

The BBC Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, is very popular and a lot of attendees dressed in things that related to the show. This girl was dressed as Molly Hooper, who works at the morgue and has a crush on Sherlock. If you look closely, she has an employee ID card with Molly’s name on it pinned to her lab coat. She also has the wallpaper print on her collar.

You don’t need to dress as a specific person. This girl put together a dress that looked like the door to 221B Baker Street. She even has a door knocker attached below the numbers. I thought this was extremely creative.

The conference celebrated Dr. Who as well as Sherlock Holmes, and there were a lot of fans who dressed up in their favorite Dr. Who costumes. This girl made her outfit, which is a Tardis, complete with lights. Her purse is K-9.

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  1. You can always find this place packed on a weekend night and sometimes they host parties that you can't get into, but other than that happening every once in a while this is the place to be. The venues in Atlanta have nice upstairs and down stairs area.