Saturday, April 16, 2016

Crime Poetry: "Elegy For A Small Town" by Johnny Longfellow

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April is Poetry Month, and to celebrate, every Saturday this month, we will be featuring a poem focused on crime or love of crime fiction from the fabulous crime poetry blog, THE FIVE-TWO, run by Gerald So. 

Today's poem is called, "Elegy For A Small Town," and it was written by Johnny Longfellow.


When geese fly south across the sky
Aroun’ this time each year,
Ain’t nothin’ much to see some guy

Go out ‘n’ dress a deer.
Fact is, it ain’t the slightest bit
Unusual ‘roun here

To see some game hung up ‘n’ split
Wide open, ‘til it’s bled.
O’ course, it’s somethin’ to admit

How when they called on Ed,
That’s jus’ the scene them po-lice foun’
Outside there, in ‘is shed.

I guess that’s why when rifles soun’
An’ skies grow thick with geese,
There ain’t a soul in this whole town

Who won’t recall Bernice.

JOHNNY LONGFELLOW has served for nearly two decades as a mentor to Newburyport, MA high school students through the Poetry Soupreading program and print journal. His poetry has been previously featured at The Five-Two, and can also be found at other online venues such as The Barefoot Muse, Ppigpenn, and The Rotary Dial.

Johnny matched his poem, "True Romance" with the perfect drink for our Drinks with Reads feature. 

You can follow The Five-Two on Twitter @PoemsonCrime The site also sells their anthologies of crime poetry. 

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