Monday, May 23, 2016

The First Monday Without Castle

Today is the first Monday in the post-Castle cancellation world. 

Yes, the announcement about Stania Katic and Tamala Jones being cut out of future seasons was messy. 

The season finale wasn't satisfying. It came too fast for us and for the show producers and writers - the last few minutes of the season finale were obviously hastily cobbled together making the case for long- term shows to decide when to conclude so that they can end a story properly. We had no chance to see Alexis' life. Or Ryan's Or Espo's.  And last season wasn't it's finest. But that's been all over the Internet.

Today, I want to talk about the good times. The end came too quickly for the usual celebrations - the farewell tour of a great series. So shut the front door because here are the top ten things I loved about Castle, in reverse order...

10) Richard Castle is ruggedly handsome.

9) The Writer Vest. 

8) The Safe Room in the PI office. Everyone needs a safe room. The gun that comes flying out the desk is pretty fun too. 

7) Castle's super spy Dad. Missed most of Richard's life, but came back in great times of need. 


6) Martha Rodgers.

5) The relationship between Castle and Alexis.

4) The Ryan & Espo Bromance. 

3) The Captain Roy Montgomery plot twist. 

"This is my spot, Kate, this is where I stand."
—Captain Montgomery in Knockout

2) Always.

1) Castle was fun! Not just the character of Richard Castle but the plots that took us to scifi conventions, soap opera sets and back in time. The writing - inside jokes, practical jokes and lightheartedness in a world that seems to get crazier every day. Even in the darkest episodes, there was a special light of friendship, love and not taking themselves too seriously. 

Thanks guys for a great show. We'll see you in re-runs. Always... 

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  1. So sad to see this happen. I'm behind so I still have some more to watch and won't suffer from withdrawal just yet. I hope Castle lands on another show b/c I love him.