Thursday, June 23, 2016

Steam Punk Moving Gear Necklace

Today we're making a steam punk gear necklace that has gears that move. Check it out in this video: 

We put it together using a kit from a company called Steamy Tech. This kit is called the Circles Planetary Gear Pendant

We're going to put the pendant together first. For that you'll need the kit, a phillips screwdriver, pliers and Super Glue. 

The kit comes with directions that are pretty easy to understand. 

Step One:
Glue the center gear to the back of the piece. I did this so that the Steamy Tech logo would wind up on the inside of the pendant. If you want your logo to show, make sure it faces the table when you do this. Then you glue the tiny half circle piece to the top of the pendant. 

Step Two:
Next you take what the directions call the annulus (pictured here).

And place it on top of the bottom piece you just made. Take the three little sun gears and put them in evenly spaced. This took me a couple of tries. They have to be evenly spaced. Don't glue these down. They move later. 

Step Three:
Put the front piece on top and line up the middle holes. Put a little drop of glue on the threads of the screw that comes with the kit, then drop it through the middle hole. Work quickly and put the nut on the back. Tighten with the phillips screwdriver. 

Step Four:
Use the pliers to open up the jump ring that came with the kit. Thread it through the top hole and close the sides of the ring together. Make sure they are closed. 

Now your pendant is done! 

Now we need a necklace. The instructions recommend ribbon, which is super easy and fast. I decided to make a beaded necklace from beads that read steam punk to me. 

Here's what I used for the necklace:

  • Beadalon - this is beading cord. 
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Crimp beads (2)
  • Two sided clasp
Step One:
Measure your Beadalon for how long you want the necklace. You'll probably want it longer than usual in case you want to turn the gears while your wearing it, or someone else does. 

Step Two:
Thread one side of the Beadalon through the crimp bead and then through the clasp and back through the crimp bead a second time. Use the pliers to crush the crimp bead. Snip the extra Beadalon off. 

Step Three:
String your beads. When you've reached the desired length, attach the other side of the clasp with the same technique. Thread the Beadalon through the bead, then through the eye of the clasp and then back through the crimp bead. Then crush the crimp.

And you're done! 

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