Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Don't You Cry by Mary Kubica

Don't You Cry is a new book by author Mary Kubica. Kerry Hammond is here to tell you all about it. And once you're done reading the review, check out Kerry's interview with Mary.

Last year I hosted a book swap party, where attendees pitched a book they had read, and were willing to swap for another than came highly recommended. When you attend an event like this, you not only walk away with a book to read (one that is chosen for the swap because it was a favorite of the person who brought it) but you also leave the party with a list of “must read” books and authors that your friends recommended. At the last book swap party I hosted, I walked away with the name Mary Kubica on my notepad.

At the time, Kubica had written two standalone novels. I chose her second, Pretty Baby, and read it in two days. I enjoyed it so much that when I received the Tattered Cover Bookstore’s newsletter and saw that the author had a third book coming out, I put it in my calendar to attend the author event. The book signing launched the author’s latest standalone thriller, Don’t You Cry

Don’t You Cry follows a woman named Quinn, whose Chicago roommate has disappeared. The police tell her that since her roommate is an adult and there are so signs of foul play, chances are she has left on her own accord and there isn’t much they can do. Alongside this storyline we have Alex, a young man working at a diner in Michigan, who becomes enchanted with a female customer who begins to stop by for coffee. When he sees her outside of the restaurant, he becomes even more intrigued by her and her strange behavior.

Slowly the stories begin to intertwine and converge. But just when you think you know the whole story, you find out there is more to these characters than you initially thought. Their motivations are way more involved and way more sinister. 

Kubica is a wonderful writer. Her characters are so interesting and well written that they jump off the page. Her plots are not just interesting, they’re the kind of stories that draw you in and keep you there. But if you were asked midway through where things are going in the story, you would have no idea how to answer. The reader doesn’t have a clue where things are going, and this provides all of the fun. The unpredictability leaves you guessing until the end. This is one of the best books I’ve read all year.

Read Kerry's interview with author Mary Kubica here. If you'd like to know more about Book Swap parties, she also has a how-to guide here.

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  1. I am actually reading this book now after reading Kerry's interview with the author. I am 2/3 finished and love it.