Saturday, July 9, 2016


Let the puns roll. Kerry Hammond is here today to review a new game by Clarkson Potter.

Punderdome is a self-proclaimed “card game for pun lovers.” I was a little nervous at first, not sure that I had it in me to create my own puns. I got a group of friends together and we went through the instructions to see if we might be able to rise to the challenge.

The game is best played by a group of 4 or more, and if you have enough people, you can even play in teams. There is a player for each round that acts as a prompter. They draw two cards and the other players must use the words or phrases on each and combine them into a pun in 90 seconds or less. The players then read their puns to the prompter and the pun that provides the most groans is the winner. That winner then becomes the next round’s prompter.

The first player to win 10 rounds wins the game. For added fun, there are mystery prize envelopes. The host of the party can choose prizes ahead of time and write them on the prize slips and keep them safe inside the envelopes. The prizes are awarded to the winners at the end of the game, and in keeping with the spirit of the game can be as groan-inducing as you choose.

The game includes not only a card of examples of puns, but a how-to of sorts. It helped get us in the mindset of how a pun is created and really got our creative juices flowing. I was amazed that I could actually come up with puns and everyone had a ball playing the game. It was described as “Punderful,” “Stupundous,” and “Puntastic.”

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