Sunday, July 10, 2016

Baker St. Pub & Grill

Themed restaurants are great, but mystery themed restaurants deserve their own blog post. Kerry Hammond recently discovered a mystery themed restaurant in Denver.

I recently needed to plan a happy hour for my mystery book club Crime & Beyond. I decided that the perfect place for a book club like ours to meet would be a place built and decorated to honor the great detective Sherlock Holmes. Baker St. Pub is a restaurant chain I recently discovered. It’s a small chain, though, and only in Colorado, Texas, and Oklahoma. Lucky for me, one of the Colorado locations is in Denver.

The restaurant is decorated with memorabilia that could have belonged to Sherlock Holmes, had he actually existed. There is a British phone box out front and the stage they use for bands looks like Sherlock’s study.

The ambiance of the place is truly a fun, pub vibe. They have a killer happy hour, with great drink prices and appetizers—many that go well beyond what you’d consider pub fare. I specifically like our location’s Vintage Thursday happy hour, which includes martinis, old fashioneds and, of course, fish & chips.

Some of the fun drinks they serve, or as they call them “Logical Libations,” are The Jack the Ripper, Dr. Watson’s Punch, Sex on Baker Street, and Grape Expectations. They obviously take the literary theme and include some of the classics.

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Do you have any fun, mystery themed restaurants in your area?


  1. Baker St. Pub is wonderful, their appetizers are huge and delicious and their happy hour drink prices can't be beat. The Jack the Ripper shot is unbelievably good!!

  2. What a cool place. Wish we had one in L.A.