Saturday, September 24, 2016

Killer Punch by Amy Korman

The Killer Wasps Mystery series by Amy Korman has a new installment that you can add to your beach bag along with this book. Kerry Hammond is here to tell us what’s new with the amateur detectives of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

Killer Punch, the third in the Killer Wasps Mystery series by Amy Korman, releases on September 20 in Paperback by Witness Impulse. This series follows antique store owner Kristin Clark and her friends Holly, Sophie and Bootsie, four women—WASPS—who always manage to get themselves mixed up in some kind of trouble.

The annual Tomato Show at the country club is the latest exciting event to hit Bryn Mawr and Kristin’s friend Holly, who volunteered to handle the event planning, has had to put up with the irritating Eula. Eula is dead set on winning the tomato contest, but might be skirting around the rules by growing her tomato plants in a New Jersey location. Before they can blow the whistle, a donated painting titled Heifer in Tomato Patch goes missing. They suspect everyone, including Eula, and set out to try and solve the case before the Tomato Show is ruined.

Meanwhile, the residents of Bryn Mawr are dealing with the rumors that a Mega Wine Mart is going to be built in their town. As excited as they are to soon have really cheap booze, it may not be worth ruining the beautiful fields of the town to have it. The girls have to dig a little deeper to find out why the whole thing is so hush hush.

These books are more about the crime and intrigue that occurs wherever Kristin and her friends happen to be. The reader won’t find grisly or graphic murders, just a puzzle to solve. Full of quirky characters and zany antics, it’s a fun and light read. Get your sandals, some sunscreen and head to the beach with this book.

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