Saturday, September 24, 2016

Run, Zombie! Board Game

I will admit to you that one of my favorite exercise apps is the Zombie, Run! app for the iPhone. Basically it's an app that tells a story about Zombies running after you as you "pick up" medical supplies and food and try to save people. It's entertaining. It makes you run faster and it makes the work out go much more quickly. 

Well now the makers of the app are trying their hand at a board game and it's on Kickstarter for funding. I know what you're thinking - the app sounds like a different way to work out, but their are lots of board games. 

This is true, but the Zombies Run app is so fun and there is phone interaction with the board game, so I have hope. I think others do as well because they've only been on Kickstarter for two days and they've already met their goal

It's definitely worth checking out to see if it might be fun for you. Like almost everything on Kickstarter, you order and then they make it so it can take quite awhile to get you're product and there's always a chance it will never come at all. But it is fun to see the creative ideas turn to products.

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