Monday, November 7, 2016

Back Space Bar in New Orleans

The 2016 Bouchercon Mystery Convention was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Kerry Hammond is here to tell us about a great literary-themed restaurant she found in the Big Easy.

While attending Bouchercon 2016, there were plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from, but one day I wandered down a side street right near the conference hotel and found a hidden gem. Back Space Bar is a literary-themed restaurant located at 139 Chartres St. and I was drawn to it by the typewriter key that is their sign.

The French Quarter bar has a literary theme, a casual and comfortable vibe, and a 1930s feel. The decorations inside consisted of several antique typewriters and books on bookshelves—a perfect find for a getaway during a mystery readers conference.

Lest you think that the bar is all personality and no substance, I can attest that the menu was great and the food tasty (I can recommend the Grown Up Grilled Cheese). The “Prologue” of the menu contains several other sandwiches to choose from, and the “Epilogue” provides Cookies and Milk for dessert.

And then there were drinks, this is New Orleans after all. The menu consists of great choices and literary legends, Death in the Afternoon is a shout out to Hemingway and the Vesper Martini the drink of Fleming’s James Bond.  

Check out their website for a full list of food and drinks plus a cute video. When you hover over the typewriter keys at the top to change the menu of items, you hear typewriter keys clicking. Very cool!

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  1. What a totally fun place! Thanks for sharing this great find.