Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Crime & Beyond Book Club Reads Chris Pavone

Chris Pavone’s third book, The Travelers, was released in March of this year and Kerry Hammond is here to tell us what the Denver-based Crime & Beyond Book Club thought about the book.

The Travelers is the second book by Chris Pavone that Crime & Beyond has read. We first discovered the author when The Expats was released and many of us read the second book, The Accident, on our own. Since The Travelers is a standalone, we knew we could jump right in without missing anything from previous books for those who were new to the author.

The Travelers introduces Will Rhodes, who is a writer for the award-winning Travelers magazine. He’s got a dream job, traveling the world to report on swanky resorts and international wine festivals. But his home life is less than ideal lately, and on one overseas trip, he meets a sexy writer and sleeps with her. This indiscretion changes his life forever, and he gets caught up in a web of intrigue that he can’t get out of.

The club’s reviews of the book were all across the board, and this led to a great discussion of the book and the characters. This is a great thing when you’re in a book club setting. Having differing opinions leads to more discussion and each aspect of the book can be fleshed out with input and opinions from all angles. Many of us were very drawn into Will’s travels and we loved reading about the exotic locations he visited. Pavone has done quite a bit of traveling and therefore the locations were well described. The book will not only appeal to thriller fans but armchair travelers as well.

Dreamworks acquired the rights to the book back in November of 2015, so we may even see it in a movie version someday soon.

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