Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Themed Mystery Shows

Are you ready for some turkey-themed binge watching? We've found some great Thanksgiving-themed episodes of our favorite old mystery and crime shows for you to indulge in this weekend. There's a little something here for everyone. 

Let's start with...

In "Child's Play" from 2009 Ducky invites everyone in the department to his house for turkey dinner, but alas, everyone has plans. Gibbs goes off to find the killer of a marine, while Ducky gets in a little predicament back home. 

CBS has also put together a cute piece on what NCIS fans are thankful for this season

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
More a cop comedy than a mystery, this show makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it. In "Thanksgiving" from the first season, everyone sits down to play Boyle Bingo and then winds up a Rosa's for turkey. Since this is a half-hour comedy with commercials it only runs about 20 minutes without. 

Castle's Thanksgiving foray is called The Good, The Bad and The Baby. This is the tenth episode from season six and Beckett is going to spend her first Thanksgiving with Castle, Martha, and Alexis. The case begins when a dying man hands a priest a baby. This episode falls on the Castle timeline where I think the show was at it's most charming. 

Blue Bloods

Someone has a heart attack during "Thanksgiving," and the case at hand is rife with family drama. 
This episode first aired in 2011. 

Major Crimes

Last season the Major Crimes team celebrated Thanksgiving with "Taking the Fall." In this episode, a stockbroker is found dead, Flynn's recovery isn't going as expected and Rusty lands an interview for his vlog. 

You can find all of our Major Crimes coverage here


"Ignorance is Bliss" begins on the night before Thanksgiving when House and a genius physicist becomes the medical puzzle of the episode. House later tries to break up Lucas and Cuddy. 

Spenser for Hire

Spenser is visiting a Puritan village in Plymonth, Massachusetts, when he learns that an old army buddy of his is arrested. He leaves to go help, but everything isn't what it seems. 

What's your favorite Thanksgiving-themed episode?

And if you'd rather read than watch TV, check out Brad Parks'
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