Thursday, December 22, 2016

Craft Thursdays: Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers are a fun addition to any holiday celebration. Kerry Hammond is here to show us how you can make your own.

I love Christmas crackers, but I’m never quite thrilled with the items inside. Cracking them open is fun, but getting cool goodies is just as important. I wanted to make my own this year for my book club, Crime & Beyond, so that I could fill them with mystery related trinkets.

Wrapping paper
Toilet tissue rolls
Cracker snaps (can be purchased at Olde English Crackers)
Glue gun
Tissue paper
Trinkets to hide inside

Step One: Your Trinkets
Choose your trinkets. Traditionally crackers contain a joke and a tissue paper crown. I didn’t take the time to make crowns, but I printed off jokes and I also printed off the top 10 book list from 2016. Each of my crackers contained one joke and one book recommendation. I got most of the other goodies on Etsy. I bought key chain rings and put on some Sherlock Holmes related charms. I bought the mini bullets and used crime scene ribbon to make them an ornament. The buttons and mini magnets came as is and the magnetic bookmarks with a mystery theme were packed in sets of 6. I cut one off the cardboard for each cracker.

Step Two: Cut Your Paper & Wrap Your Trinkets
Cut a sheet of wrapping paper 7 ½ x 12 inches. Wrap your trinkets in tissue paper and push the bundle into the inside of your toilet tissue roll.

Step Three: Glue the Roll & Cracker Snap
With the paper wrong side up, put a dab of hot glue at the edge of the paper (at the center of the long edge) and set your filled toilet tissue roll on the glue to secure it. Put two more dabs of glue on the wrapping paper, each near the short edges of the paper, and set the cracker snap down to glue it in place.

Step Four: Wrap Your Cracker
Roll your cracker over the cracker snap and when you get to the end, put a dab of glue at the edge of the paper to seal it.

Step Five: Cinch the Ends
Using a piece of ribbon, tie a knot in each side, right at the point where the toilet tissue roll ends. You can then decorate your cracker any way you like, using glitter, bows, etc.

Merry Christmas!

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