Friday, December 23, 2016

Drinks With Reads: Crime Scene Cocoa and Frozen Lake by Elizabeth Edmondson

Kerry Hammond is here to talk about a vintage mystery by Elizabeth Edmondson, she pairs the book with a hot drink that is sure to keep you warm while you read.

I discovered author Elizabeth Edmondson by chance. I was discussing my love of mysteries set in the early 1900s with a new friend and she dropped the author’s name very casually, saying I might want to give her a try. I immediately searched for the author’s works and was delighted to see several books by the writer, set in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s.

Frozen Lake is set in the year 1936, and our protagonist Alix Richardson has returned to her family home in Westmoreland to reconnect with her twin brother. It’s Christmastime and the lake has frozen over, a rare phenomenon that causes members of the Richardson and Grindley family to flock to town to skate on the lake. The families are very old friends, ones that have also experienced old grudges. Alix quickly realizes that the past is not dead and buried, and there is a deeply held secret that will come bubbling to the surface.

This is a carefully and cleverly crafted mystery, where strong family ties are at the heart of the story. It’s a top-notch historical mystery that is reminiscent of the writers of the 1930s. A great story to read in front of the fire with a warm drink.  

Speaking of warm drinks, the month of December requires that we post several hot cocoa drinks. It is, after all, a bit chilly in many parts of the world. On December 16th, Mystery Playground’s Deb Lacy paired A Christmas Miracle with Pop Rock Peppermint Cocoa, a non-alcoholic treat. I chose Crime Scene Cocoa, which contains alcohol, to keep warm while reading this chilly mystery. The quantities of each ingredient can be altered to taste and is preferably consumed in front of a warm fire.

6-8 oz Hot Cocoa
½ oz Raspberry Liquor
1 oz Vodka
Whipped Cream

Make the hot cocoa according to the package. Add the raspberry liquor and vodka and stir. Top with whipped cream. The snowman is optional and made out of large marshmallows, pretzel sticks, a candy corn or Mike & Ike nose, and Hershey syrup for the eyes and mouth (applied with a toothpick).

Note: Elizabeth Edmondson, who wrote historical mysteries, passed away this past January. She has left a legacy of wonderful stories set in exotic and grand places. She will be missed.

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