Monday, January 9, 2017

Boston Speakeasy: The Alibi

If you love a good mystery and history, you might find yourself loving a good modern speakeasy. These are bars that retain some of the elements of speakeasies of the 20s and 30s when Prohibition made selling and drinking alcohol illegal. Some have passwords, many have no signage, most make craft cocktails. Our latest find is the Alibi Bar + Lounge found in the Liberty Hotel in Boston's Beacon Hill. The site of the Liberty served as the Charles Street Jail for 1851 to 1990, and the hotel embraces this history for theming and decor.

View from the hotel lobby. 
The hotel has the Alibi speakeasy and a little restaurant called The Clink. I wasn't kidding about the jail theming. Both the Alibi and the Clink serve drinks and food.

We didn't need reservations when we went, but you can call ahead if you like. There is no password required. 

Address: 215 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114 

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