Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Crime & Beyond Book Club Reads Lisa Unger's Ink and Bone

Kerry Hammond is here to tell us how the Denver-based Crime & Beyond book club wrapped up their year of books with Lisa Unger.

It’s been a great year of mystery reads. In 2016 we read some great authors like John Hart, Lee Child and David Baldacci. It’s been a wonderful twelve months full of grisly murders, police chases and family secrets. We decided to end the year reading an author that was a returning favorite and discussed Lisa Unger’s Ink and Bone.

Ink and Bone takes place in the creepy setting of The Hollows, a small town in New York State. It features Finley Montgomery, who has moved back to town to spend time with her grandmother, Eloise Montgomery. Eloise is the only person who can possibly help Finley reign in her “gift.” Finley has the ability to see people who have died, but who aren’t ready to move on. She feels their pain and is haunted by their appearance, never quite sure what message they intend her to receive.

Her special talents are called upon when a young girl goes missing. Finley, following in Eloise’s footsteps, begins working with an investigator to try and locate the girl. The harsh winter has caused the trail to go cold, but Finley works hard to control her psychic powers to try to save the girl and catch the person who abducted her.

Lisa Unger is a wonderful writer and she has a knack for creating great characters.  The story was equal parts creepy and mysterious. The Hollows is an eerie setting that provides the perfect backdrop for the story, and Finley the perfect protagonist to pull it all off. We look forward to seeing what other cases catch Finley’s attention in future books in the series.

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