Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Major Crimes Returns Next Wednesday

Major Crimes returns one week from tonight Wednesday, February 22) for the second half of season five on a new day and new time - 9PM/8PM, moving from its traditional Monday night 10PM/9PM slot. It's a big change since the show has been in that Monday time slot for years. 

A lot happened last season. We saw Buzz Watson embark on a journey to find out who murdered his father and uncle when he was a boy, we saw a horrible shootout in the courtroom where we lost at least one cast member and ended with another cast member in serious danger. 

The last three episodes of last season were perhaps the best of the entire run of the show. If you haven't seen them - go back and watch them now.

We already know that Major Crimes will be back this summer for 13 episodes in season six. 

Here's the trailer for the second half of the winter season. 

Come back next week, when we'll have a Q&A with Kathe Mazur, who plays the fabulous DDA Hobbs. 

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