Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mardi Gras Doubloon Pin

Laissez le bon temps roulez! Let the good times roll. It's Mardi Gras season, so I thought I'd make a pin out of a Mardi Gras Doubloon from the King of New Orleans Mardi Gras Parades, Rex. I seem to be into pins lately. This craft is easy and fast. 

The photo above it a little confusing because I made two pins, but if you're only making one, here's what you need. 

  • One Mardi Gras Doubloon
  • Four eye pins of base metal
  • Two head pins of base metal
  • A jewelry pin for the back
  • Three beads - I used one yellow, one purple and one green
  • Diamond 6000 glue 
  • Round Nose Jewelry pliers
  • Wire cutters 

Let's start by making the dangle:

Step one:
Take one of your head pins, and thread the bottom bead through and make a loop. 

Step Two:
Take your eye pin and open up one side with the pliers and thread it through your loop. Close the loop, thread the next bead on and then make a loop at the top of that bead. Repeat with the third bead. 

Step Three:
Take the adhesive off the back of the pin and coat the area with E6000 Glue. This will last longer than the weak adhesive that comes with the pin. 

Step Four:
Use the E6000 to glue the dangle to the bottom of the pin. 

And you're done! Enjoy! 

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