Thursday, March 2, 2017

Crafty Thursday: Wine Tasting Earrings

This week our craft has very little do with books or mystery and everything to do with wine tasting. Of course, there are several excellent mysteries set in the world of wine and wineries, Charlene O'Neil's One Foot in the Grape is set in Penny Lively's family winery and Nadine Nettman's Decanting a Murder's protagonist is a sommelier and each chapter has a matching wine. 

Try to take this photo at home and see how hard it is
This craft is easy enough that if you've never made earrings before, you could pull this off.

Here are the supplies you'll need:

  • jewelry pliers
  • Jewelry wire cutters 
  • wine bottle charm, wine goblet charm ( I got mine at Michaels)
  • Two 5 mm purple crystals and 1 3 mm purple crystal
  • 2 Earring hooks
  • Wire

Step One:
Take your wire and pliers and make a loop. Thread the wire through the circle at the top of the wine bottle charm. Wrap the wire around your loop to close it. Then string on one of the purple beads. 

Step Two:
Make another loop on the top and thread it through the loop on one of the earring hooks. Close the loop and the first earring is done.

Step Three:
Repeat step one using the wine goblet charm and the remaining SMALLER purple bead. Repeat again with the LARGER BEAD, attaching it to the earring hook before you close the loop. 

And voila! You're done. Come back next week for more crafty craziness. 

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