Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dispatches from Left Coast Crime II

Sisters in Crime 2017 President, Diane Vallere and friends, Deb Hardy & Sybil Johnson

Mary Putnam is still in Hawaii reporting back from the Left Coast Crime Convention. You can check out her first report here. In the top photo we have Sisters in Crime ladies: Sybil Johnson, Deb Hardy, and Diane Vallere (from California and Hawaii like C&H sugar, back in the day!)

Fun on Friday, at hubby Dave’s author connection: we enjoyed drinks with reader/reviewer Grace Koshida, the super-talented and smart Ellen Byron (the day before she won her lefty! Whoo-hoo!), Lexa Mack and her husband Tom. Things got a little naughty on the topic of TV, including Ellen telling us how she’s had to “gang-bang a script” and our server chiming in with a tidbit about a 7-minute ejaculation scene--which almost made wine come out my nose! (The comment, not the actual scene.)

Saturday morning: Laurie King and Catriona McPherson with Dana Stabenow shortly after she read her new PW starred boxed review where they compared her to Elmore Leonard, but before she won her lefty. I weekend she won’t soon forget!


I also found a few penguins, in captivity, stuffed, and part of the Camp Penguin kids’ activity spot. Managed to free one little guy, and luckily one of my favorite funny chicks, Donna Andrews, was up for a little fowl play!


  1. Mary - Thank you for a great report.

  2. I love this! Mary, had no idea you were covering it. You brought back great memories.

  3. Oops, did I not mention that? Bad correspondent! I'm glad you approve, anyway. :)