Monday, March 20, 2017

Dispatches from Left Coast Crime

Mary and David Putnam are whooping it up in Hawaii at the Left Coast Crime Convention. Yes, we're all jealous, but between Mai Tais, Mary's been sending us digital postcards of all the haps. Let's check in with our team in Honolulu...

David blending into the scenery
Mary Putnam & Catriona McPherson taking a selfie

Stuffin' Book Bags - you knew you get free books at these conventions, right?
One of the hotel bars has a Hawaii Five-O theme
Speed Dating with Janet Finsilver & Ann Parker

Mary says...

After I spent a good chunk of happy hour last night telling people about the awesome penguins just around the corner here at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, I learned today that they’ve been “relocated to Baltimore.”
At first I thought this was backwards from what you’re supposed to do when you retire (move to someplace warm, like Hawaii, not TO somewhere that has …. actual weather).  Then I wondered if something more ominous had happened to the poor penguins. (Have I spent too much time around mystery writers?) Of course, unlike peguins, not everything is so black-and-white. 
Perhaps, for the sake of the kids they used this a some kind of euphemism like “went to live on a farm.” As in, “if my husband misbehaves (again), I’ll ‘send him to the Maryland Zoo.’” Then again, given the number of this Mary’s family members and friends still here on the island, perhaps he’s already in the “Mary-land” Zoo…

In any case, the promise and lack of penguins anywhere nearby may have mystery fans and friends thinking this Hilton Hawaiian Village as finally FOUND its missing idiot. However, while I may still be crazy, I do have proof that they were once here. (See image below unless, idiot-style, I forget to attach it.)
Don’t miss the part about the turtles, sanitized for the kids around, explaining how: “Males have long…. foreclaws… wiggled in front of the female during courtship behaviors.” And I’m off to spy on some mystery folks and their various “courtship behaviors”!
Aloha from Hawaii
Mary Putnam
I’m also bummed about the missed photo op with Putnam-Penguin. Har! Publisher joke!
Did I mention penguins mate for life? How cute is that! Meanwhile, as my wise-acre husband likes to point out when folks ask how long we’ve been together: “If I’d gone to jail for murder instead, I would’ve been out by now.”

Thank you for a great report - Mary & David! 

You can read an excerpt of David's latest novel, The Vanquished here. It's gotten great reviews. 


  1. Great post! Sounds like a wonderful time, I'm jealous!!

  2. Thank you for a great report, Mary!