Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Decorator Who Knew Too Much by Diane Vallere

Kerry Hammond decided to jump right in, mid-series and read Diane Vallere’s latest book in her cozy and clever Madison Knight mystery series. This time, it's The Decorator Who Knew Too Much. Let’s find out what she thought of the book.

The Decorator Who Knew Too Much by Diane Vallere is the fourth book in the Madison Night mystery series which features Interior Decorator Madison Night. I love cozy mysteries and the thing that really drew me to this one was that Madison is into vintage fashion and colorful outfits. I figured a character like that would also have a colorful personality. I was not wrong!

Madison and her handyman boyfriend Hudson travel to Palm Springs to help Hudson’s friend who is developing a shopping center. When Madison spots a dead body in the water, she freaks and calls the police. Unfortunately, once they arrive, the body can’t be found and she looks like she’s seeing things. When she sticks to her story, it causes trouble between Hudson and his friend and delays the timeline for the development.

When the body is eventually found, there are more questions than answers. Madison is cornered by some local bad guys and the threat scares her and sends her on her own investigation. She doesn’t know who she can trust and the only person she feels she can turn to is still back in Texas, harboring a crush on her.

I enjoyed the book and really liked Madison. I loved the descriptions of the outfits that Madison wore, complete with the pattern number. I even googled a few so that I could see what they looked like. It was such a fun part of the book to read about her style. The references to Doris Day movies were a lot of fun too. I see a film marathon in my immediate future.

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