Thursday, April 20, 2017

“You Wrote the Book” Mother’s Day Card

Lorraine Masonheimer is here today to show us how to make a beautiful, handmade Mother’s Day card. The card also doubles as a gift, and Lorraine shows us how we can insert a charm or pair of earrings to give Mom—right into the card. We posted this one is advance of the holiday so you have plenty of time to make it before Mother's Day. 

Embossing ink pad (clear)
Stampotique’s Daft 9222T stamp
Color coordinated embossing powder
Embossing heat tool
8 1/2” x 11” white cardstock
Color coordinated papers with flowers or other pattern, stripes, and two solid colors (light & dark)
Color coordinated magic markers & flesh magic maker
Charm & bracelet chain
Small round paper punch
Pop-up dots & glue dots
X-acto blade

Step One: Card Base

Score an 8 ½ x 11” white cardstock at 5 ½” and fold in half. Place a small mark on the flower paper placing at 3 ¾” on the top right side, a small mark at 2 ½” on the bottom right side and cut the diagonal as shown. Place a small mark on the striped paper at 4 ¾” at the top left side and a mark at 6 ¼” on the bottom left side. Cut the diagonal. Cut the solid paper to the same diagonal with a ½” thick strip. Glue to the card base as shown.

Step Two: Stamp, Color & Cut

Stamp Daft onto the lightest solid color paper using a clear emboss ink pad and sprinkle the dark blue embossing powder over the image. Shake off the excess and set the image using the heat tool. After the image has dried, color her faces, arms, legs and flower head using color coordinated markers. Cut around the image, place pop-up dots on the backside of the image and glue to the front of the card.

Step Three: Text Blocks, Trim & Assemble

Using the computer, create two text boxes about 4 ½” x 3 ½” and type “You wrote the book on motherhood…I was given the gift of living it” in the first box. The example shown uses multiple text boxes to manipulate the type. “You” is Pristina 72 pts, “WROTE THE” is Gils San 14 pts and is rotated, “BOOK ON” is Gils San 20 pts, “Motherhood…” is Pristina 60 pts and “I was given the gift of living it” is Gils San 22pt all in dark blue.

Type “Something Made Just For You on Mother’s Day” in the second box as shown. I used Gils San Condensed Bold typeface at 24 points in dark blue. Print onto a light color paper and cut into an attractive shape. 

Step Four: Assemble Jewelry and Embellish (Inside)

For the inside of the card, cut the sentiment “Something Made Just For You” into a 6” x 4 ½” rectangle to leave space at the bottom to sign the card. Punch two small holes underneath the sentiment using a paper punch with a ¼” slit on the outside of each hole to insert the bracelet.

Choose a charm of your choice and slip it onto a bracelet or necklace length chain or cord. This example is a heart charm with the words “Made With Love.” If you choose to make earrings, adjust the placement to punch the holes for an attractive display of your handmade gift.

Thread the bracelet/gift through the two holes and tape to the back of the paper. Adhere the sentiment to the card as shown. Use scraps to add interest to the inside of the card and envelope flap.

Note: Extra postage is required for the larger size card. 

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