Sunday, May 14, 2017

BBQ Jambalaya and a Contest

Ellen Byron, author of the Cajun Country Mysteries, is here today to tell us about a fabulous contest and give us a fabulous recipe for BBQ jambalaya. The contest is hosted by Henery Press and you can win a Kindle Fire with 32 ebooks on it. Hop on over and enter. 

And now for the Jambalaya...

With summer coming, I like any recipe that includes my three favorite letters - B, B, and Q! This delicious-looking recipe came to me via one of my favorite New Orleans' websites, My New Orleans. I bring it to you directly from their website.

A Meaty Masterpiece
Neil McClure, of the newly relocated McClure’s Barbecue, shares his Barbecue Jambalaya
photos by jeffery johnston


3 ½    quarts Chicken stock
6    cups Rice
²⁄³    cup Oil or bacon grease
1    cup Celery
2    cups Green peppers, smoked and chopped
1    cup Onions, smoked and chopped
1    cup Mushrooms, smoked and chopped
1    ounces Garlic, smoked and chopped
2    ounces Rub (McClure’s is more similar to a Creole seasoning than a traditional barbecue rub; it doesn’t contain sugar and has much less salt than most name brands, but is very similar to Zatarain’s)
2    ounces  Kosher salt
2    ounces Black pepper
2    ounces Hot sauce
4    ounces Kansas City-style barbecue sauce
2    Bay leaves
2    cups Brisket, chopped
2    cups Pork, chopped
2    cups Chicken, chopped
2    cups Sausage, sliced
Note: Meat is adjustable to taste, just use a lot

Heat water to boiling in a separate pot. Heat up grease in a large pot. Add vegetables to grease and stir until heated. Add spices, hot sauce and barbecue sauce. Stir thoroughly. Add meat and heat. Stir frequently. Add boiling water to mixture and return to boil. Add rice. Stir. Return to boil. Cook for 20 minutes with occasional, light stirring to keep rice from sticking. Let sit in pot for additional 20 minutes off heat without stirring. Top with chopped green onions after plating.
Serves 20+

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