Saturday, May 27, 2017

Flame Noir Candle Company

The Flame Noir Candle Company has wonderful detective themed scented candles - and not just the usual suspects. Sure they have Sherlock, but there is nothing new in a Sherlock scented candle, but I haven't ever seen Phryne Fisher & DI Jack Robinson or Sam Spade or Poirot for that matter. Poirot has his regular candle, AND a Christmas Candle. 

As you can see in the photo above, Poirot's candle smells like Belgian chocolate, blooming poppies and the aroma of old fashioned grooming tonic. The Christmas scent is a dignified blend of teakwood, citrus, vetiver and pines trees for a Jazz Age holiday filled with mystery and delight. 

Santa - if you're reading this, a Flame Noir Candle or two in my stocking would be a big hit. 

The Phryne Fisher candle smells of French Lavender of course, bergamot, playful vanilla and the fiery spice of freshly ground cinnamon. Jack has a straight laced blend of tweed and freshly pressed linen, complimented by the warm aromas of masculine frankincense, rich leather and crisp bergamot. 

They also have candles for Sam Spade, Miss Marple and Phillip Marlow. You have to check it out. 

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  1. I love these. I totally agree, Santa please bring me at least one or preferably more of these candles!