Thursday, May 25, 2017

No. 1 Dad Father's Day Card

Lorraine Masonheimer, our card creator extraordinaire, is here to show us the delightful steam punk themed card she created to celebrate Father's Day. We're posting it a little early so you have time to make it. 

12” x 12” cream cardstock
Color coordinated papers (one pattern of your choice and four solid colors)
Book page
6 ½” square envelope
Big Shot machine
Die cut gears (assorted sizes)
Metal gear embellishment
Three dot embellishments
Dad stamp
ColorBox Chalk Charcoal Ink Pad
Glue dots
Pop up dots
X-acto blade

Step One:  Card Base
Cut a 12” x 12” sheet of cream paper to 6” x 12” and fold in half to 6” x 6” card base.  Cut the lighter solid paper to 6” x 6”.  Place a small mark on the dark solid paper at ¼” on the top left side, a small mark at 1” on the bottom left side and cut the diagonal as shown.  Measure the width to 2 ¾” and the length to 6” and cut to the same diagonal.  Repeat with the patterned paper with a width 2 ½” x 6” on the same diagonal.  Cut the book text to ¾” wide at the top and 1 ¼” wide at the bottom and 6” long. Tear a strip of text about 1” thick x 6” long.

Step Two:  Die Cut, Tear & Glue
Glue the lighter solid paper to the card base.  Glue the triangular book page to the left side of the card with the wider side at the bottom.  Glue the patterned paper to the dark solid strip and glue the left side slightly overlapping the book page.  Slip the torn strip of text behind the dark solid strip and glue everything to the card base.

Step Three:  Stamp & Embellish
Stamp a Dad sentiment onto the top right side of the card using a charcoal ink pad as shown.  Place a large-size die gear over a medium color paper and run through the Big Shot machine.  Cut a medium-size gear die from a dark solid paper.  Cut a small-size gear from the lightest color solid paper.  If desired, cut three small-size gears from the same paper for the lower right corner of the card.  Glue to the card base incorporating a medium-size metal gear. Use pop-up dots to set the lightest color gear over the metal gear.  Adhere three dot embellishments as shown.

Step Four: Embellish Inside and Envelope
Using the computer, create a text box about 5” x 5” and type "Getting it in gear to celebrate,  Best.  Dad.  Ever."  The example shown uses the type face Poor Richard at 20 pts in custom RGB color Red 84, Green 40 and Blue 4, centered.  Print and cut the sentiment into a 4½” x 4½” rectangle to leave space at the bottom to sign the card.  Adhere the sentiment to the card as shown.  Use scraps to add interest to the inside of the card and envelope flap. 

Extra postage is required for the larger size card.   

For a gift idea, include a gift card for a local bookstore, restaurant or hobby of his choice.  Either slip the gift card into the card or make a gift card holder (2 ½” x 2 ½”) and glue to the inside left flap as shown.

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