Thursday, June 15, 2017

Book Club Time Capsule

Kerry Hammond is here today to show us how to raise your book club up a notch with a very special, and easy-to-make, time capsule. 

Crime & Beyond is my Denver-based mystery book club. We have over 20 active members, a Wiki page, and members get together for mystery related events outside of club whenever possible. This year, Lorraine Masonheimer, the club’s creative genius, decided that we needed yet another way to celebrate all things Crime & Beyond.

Lorraine came up with the Book Club Time Capsule. Since our club gets together at Christmas time and enjoys its martinis, it was a no brainer that the capsule be made out of a 60 ounce cocktail shaker that was purchased on Amazon.

Lorraine then decorated the capsule with bits and baubles related to the mysteries that we read in club. She found most of the items (even the bullet at the top) in the jewelry area of local craft stores. The sparkly self-adhesive black embellishments were found in the paper crafting area and the tassel and ribbon in the sewing section.

A wide ribbon was used to hand sew the Crime & Beyond metal pieces to it.  It ensured good placement and made it easier to glue the ribbon to the shaker rather than risking accurate placement of each metal letter. 

Fill your time capsule with notes and items that memorialize the funny things that happen at club meetings. We have been filling it with quotes from members and printed photos of items in books that we discussed. We plan to fill the cocktail shaker all year and open it at the Christmas party in December and reminisce about the past year in mysteries.

The best part is that you can use anything to create your own book club time capsule. This is an example of ours, but the sky is the limit.

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