Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dark Saturday by Nicci French

The new Frieda Klein thriller is out and Kerry Hammond is so excited to tell you all about it.

Dark Saturday is the 6th book in the Frieda Klein series by the husband and wife team known as Nicci French (comprised of Nicci Gerard and Sean French). For those readers in the UK, where the authors live and write, the book is titled Saturday Requiem. Although this is the 6th in the Frieda Klein series, the authors have written many other stand-alone books and a few short stories. Each author has also written extensively under their individual name. The Freda Klein books started with Blue Monday in 2011 and that is when I discovered how much I loved this team’s writing. I have been following Frieda from the beginning and this is really a great series.

In Dark Saturday, psychotherapist Frieda has agreed to assess a young girl in a psychiatric hospital. Hannah Docherty was only 18 years old when she was arrested, convicted and put into the hospital for the brutal murder of her mother, stepfather, and brother. A decade has passed and as Frieda starts to look at the circumstances surrounding Hannah’s family’s deaths, she can’t shake the feeling that it was all very wrong, she even starts to doubt Hannah’s guilt. But if Hannah didn’t do it, the killer is still out there, and won’t be pleased that Frieda is digging into the case.

Frieda is one of the most intriguing characters in fiction. She is a brilliant psychotherapist, but she has her own set of issues she deals with. She is a very solitary person but constantly surrounded by family and friends who want to help her. She is calm and analytical rather than warm and fuzzy, and her opinions are calculated and sound, giving her a well-respected reputation—even if some strange things have happened to her and the people she knows. The recurring cast of characters add to the stories and give more insight to Frieda’s personality.

Dark Saturday was deeply sinister and tragic. There are a few spoilers from earlier books, specifically one thread that is really best found out in the book where it happens. It’s one of those twists that you never forget and when I read it my jaw literally dropped. I would highly recommend that you start from the beginning of the series. But if you like to live dangerously, just jump right in. You won’t be disappointed in any of the books and you will most likely become addicted to them like I am. The good thing is, you have lots of Nicci French standalone books to read while you wait for the next Frieda Klein installment. I wonder what the Sunday title will be.

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