Thursday, July 13, 2017

Murder on the Orient Express - Clues Ornament

Every year Mystery Playground works on ornaments for a mystery-themed Christmas tree. And our theme this year is a salute to...Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express. We do this in July so you have plenty of time to get your materials together and make your own for December. 

Our second ornament for the tree has all the clues you need to solve the mystery. This ornament was a group effort of the entire team - Lorraine Masonheimer, Kerry Hammond, Sharon Long and Deborah Lacy. 

No Murder on the Orient Express Christmas tree would be complete without an ornament dedicated to some of the clues found in and around the crime scene. Anyone who has read the book knows that there were an abundance of clues, each one leading Poirot in a different direction entirely, but when combined, led him to the solution.

We chose three clues for the ornament: A handkerchief with an “H” embroidered on it, a gold button, and a pipe cleaner.

Pipe cleaner
Gold button
Needle and thread

Step One: The Handkerchief
A handkerchief with the monogrammed letter “H” was found at the scene. For this ornament, we chose to purchase monogrammed handkerchiefs online. You can also use a sewing machine or a needle and thread and hand stich the “H” on a scrap of fabric or white handkerchief. There was no mention of the color of the thread or the font used, so it’s up to you to decide how it looks.

Step Two: The Button
A gold button from a Wagon Lit uniform jacket was also found at the scene of the crime. Any gold button will do, but the more ornate the better, as I picture the buttons on the uniforms to be very shiny and involved. Using your needle and thread, sew the button anywhere on the handkerchief as you would sew a button on a shirt.

Step Three: The Pipe Cleaner
A pipe cleaner was found in the victims sleeping car as well. We used a black one and threaded it through the button’s back hole. We wrapped the pipe cleaner around a pen to swirl it, but this is optional.

Step Four: The Ribbon
Using your scissors, cut 2 parallel slits in the top of your handkerchief. Loop a piece of ribbon through and tie it off. This will allow you to hang your clues ornament on your tree.

Come back next week for our next Murder on the Orient Express ornament. 

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  1. These are so cute! Am I to assume that you're working on an Orient Express tree this year?