Friday, September 8, 2017

Agatha Christie's Death in The Air & The Wasp

Nobody does it better than Dame Agatha Christie and today we are matching on of her masterpieces, Death in the Air (also published under the title Death in the Clouds), with the perfect drink. I do love the art on my old paperback copy. 

Hercule Poirot is flying from Paris to London, when he is bothered by a wasp. I have to say, that I fly a lot and I've never encountered a wasp, a bee or even a fly on an airplane, but maybe this was more common in 1935 when this was published. Anyway, a woman in murdered in the seat behind Poirot while he swatting at this wasp and he didn't see who killed her. A murder happened within a few feet of him. A bit embarrassing for the world's most famous detective, no? But then again our famous Belgian is so good at solving murders but he's pretty bad at stopping them.

So Agatha Christie sets up this beautiful locked room murder in the clouds. Will Poirot find discover the killer before he kills again?  

I matched this drink with a drink called The Wasp...

The Wasp

  • One shot of white rum
  • Pineapple juice
  • Ice cubes 
  • Drink shaker

Put some ice cubes in the shaker, along with one shot of rum and four shots of pineapple juice. Shake, shake, shake. Gently pour into a glass over ice. 

And once you're done with that, you may want to check out the Dr. Who episode where his character meets Agatha Christie. There's also a meddlesome wasp in that one. You may want to check out our review of that here


  1. I am making that cocktail tonight! I'm also digging out the book. Believe it or not, I haven't read this one. How exciting to have a "new" Poirot to read! Love your vintage cover. Great post!