Thursday, September 7, 2017

Vintage Enamel Button Necklaces

Today on Crafty Thursdays we're making necklaces out of vintage buttons. These are pretty easy to make and they will be one of a kind.

  • A Vintage button - you can find these at flea markets and garage sales, or go on eBay. I prefer the size to be at least one inch in diameter and sometimes even bigger. Make sure you know the size before buying a button on eBay. You can see mine above made in the blue and green enamel.
  • Pendant bail - it's a pendant hook with a flat back so you can glue it to the button. Be sure you get one with a flat back like this:


  • E6000 Glue
  • Chain to match your button, I used silver
  • Pearls or crystals
  • Wire to match your chain
  • Lobster Clasp 
  • 2 jump rings

Step One:
Glue a bail onto the back of your button using the E6000. I usually let it dry 24 hours before moving to the next step.


Step Two:
Begin your chain. I threaded the chain through the bail and then cut it in a three link piece, as you see below. The I cut a piece of silver wire and make a loop. Run it through the end of one of the pieces of chain, like the photo below. Wrap one of the sides of the wire around the other to close the loop. Thread a crystal through and create another loop on the other side. 

Step Three:
Cut another piece of chain in a three link piece. Repeat step two until you have enough length to the necklace. I like to make my chain longer, but you can measure yours around your own neck. 

Step Four:
Add the clasp. Take the jump ring and open it. Thread the lobster clasp through, and then the chain, and close the ring. Make sure it's tight. 

Step Five:
Add the second jump ring to the end of the chain so you can close the necklace.

And you're done...ta da!

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