Thursday, November 30, 2017

Little Grey Tote Bag/Beach Towel

Lorraine Masonheimer is here to show us how to use the Grey Cells New Year's Card cover art to make a tote bag or t-shirt.

CONCEPT: Take Detective Hercule Poirot’s “Burn A Few” to the gym, beach or about town. Make a t-shirt, a tote bag or beach towel. The design’s festive party background, martini glass, moustache, cane and hat is the perfect accompaniment to the light-hearted play on words to burn a few when celebrating.

Burn A Few high resolution .pdf file
A local direct to garment print shop.

Step One: Cover Art
Place your cursor over the Burn A Few high resolution art (above), right click, scroll to ‘Save Image As’ and place it onto your computer desktop.

Choose a local or online print shop that has the ability to perform direct to garment printing for one item. The design looks best on a white shirt (50/50 cotton poly blend or 100% cotton), tote bag or beach towel.

Depending upon your selections—t-shirts and tote bags begin at $6 and a 30 x 60 beach towel at $31. Coasters are available as well.

TIP: Depending upon the material chosen for the printed tote bag, cut it apart and make a pillow with all the trimmings. Include beading, charms of poison bottles and other Agatha Christie tools of murder. Place onto a barstool or sofa, lean back, pop a few salty nuts and enjoy a cold one.

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