Friday, December 1, 2017

Bulleit Bourbon and Invisible Dead

Sam Weibe joins us today on Drinks with Reads to pair one of his books from the Vancouver Crime Series, Invisible Dead, with the perfect drink. Wiebe's short stories have appeared in ThuglitSpinetingler, and subTerrain, and he was the 2016 Vancouver Public Library Writer in Residence. 

An ex-cop who navigates by a moral compass stubbornly jammed at true north, Dave Wakeland is a talented private investigator with next to zero business sense. And even though he finds himself with a fancy new office and a corporate-minded partner, he continues to be drawn to cases that are usually impossible to solve and frequently don’t pay. 

When Wakeland is hired by a terminally ill woman to discover the whereabouts of her adopted child – who disappeared as an adult more than a decade earlier –it seems like just another in a string of poor career decisions. 

But it turns out this case is worse than usual, even by his standards. With only an anonymous and vaguely worded tip to guide him, Wakeland interviews an imprisoned serial killer who seems to know nothing about the case, but who nonetheless steers him toward Vancouver’s terrifying criminal underworld. And it all goes downhill from there.

Whatever ghosts drive Wakeland, they seem to drive him inexorably toward danger—a journey he’s content to take so long as it means finding out what happened to someone the rest of the world seems happy enough to forget. With nothing to protect him but his wit and his empathy for the downtrodden and disenfranchised, Wakeland is on the case.

Drink and book pairing

1 shot of Bulleit Bourbon
A splash of Schweppes
Lime garnish

If you haven’t met Dave Wakeland yet, you’ll be glad you did. He’s a stubborn, talented private investigator with a penchant for a good cup of tea, or a stiff bourbon and Schweppes.  You’ll find him cruising the streets of Vancouver in his Cadillac, looking for new leads in his current case, while listening to Soundgarden, Madseason, Sleater Kinney or Jackie McLean. When Dave is at home, he reaches into his extensive record collection for some good tunes while sipping on a bourbon and soda. 

Add a lime garnish to soothe the burn and you’re ready to knock one back and catch the baddies. 

Don’t miss the next novel in the series CUT YOU DOWN, out 2/13/18.

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