Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mystery Wednesday

This week on Mystery Wednesday we're focusing on prepping for the upcoming holidays. 

The New York Times published a graphic this week to help you select a book to give your loved one this holiday season. It doesn't really cover mysteries, and it's not super creative, but it might be helpful for others on your gift list. If that doesn't help, you can also check out their 10 best books of 2017. Again, not a treasure trove of mystery. 

But BookBub has picked up where the NYT left off coming up with a list of the best new mysteries written in the Agatha Christie style for 2017. It's a great list. 

If you're looking for really decadent holiday treats to make for the holidays, you have to check out Patty Tierney's Twix Truffle Brownies over on Olla Podrida.Total yum. 

The Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Podcast, features a little Santa Murder Mystery this week in an audio version of "A Letter to Santa” by Ragnar J√≥nasson.

And if you'd rather read your short story, you can pick up this issue of Mystery Weekly Magazine and read my story, A Christmas Miracle. It's best to read it with this excellent Pop Rock Hot Cocoa

You can make it in a Santa Mug, or this excellent library card mug from Etsy vendor, JoyfulMoose.

Until next week...

Deborah Lacy


  1. Looking forward to the Mystery Weekly story! Congrats!

    1. Oh, wait—I thought this was the new issue you meant. I think I've already read this one! Still hooray! :-)

    2. Since it’s a Christmas story I thought it was worth mentioning again...

  2. Thanks for the shout out on the brownies! They really are good. I plan on getting out my cookie making supplies this weekend and whipping up a batch of these along with a lot of other tasty treats.

    1. Pattie - They are so awesome! Thank you for the recipe.