Thursday, December 7, 2017

Mistletoe Kisses Holiday Card

Lorraine Masonheimer has been making wonderful cards again for Crafty Thursday. This time she's got you all set for Christmas. 

CONCEPT: Sporting a snowy background and traditional red and green color scheme, this holiday card is casually elegant. The bewitching snowlady, nestled into her bed of snow, has dropped her mistletoe over her favorite book with a flirty play on words. The three charms laugh, create and imagine dangle from the card and can be recycled into a bracelet or necklace. ‘Tis the season to play, laugh, spend time with loved ones — and give. Creating this handmade card is a great way to kick off the giving season.

8½” x 11” cream cardstock
Color coordinated papers (two snow-like patterns—red and green, four solid colors—one red, three greens light, medium, and dark)
6” x 9” envelope Snowy Fran 6127 and Tools Cube 6145 stamps
Black Ink Pad
Pine punch
2” circle punch
Green rhinestones
Red enamel dot
Markers—red, green and blue
Small round punch
Three 6mm jump rings
Round nose pliers
3 small flat charms
Flower soft ivory (
Wet glue, glue dots, pop-up dots
Black pen, Gelly Roll sparkle pen
Scissors and x-acto blade

Step One: Card Base
Fold an 8½” x 11” cardstock in half for a 5½” x 8½” card base. Cut the red pattern paper to 5” x 8”, the green patterned paper to 4½” x 6”, the solid red to 4 ¼” x5 ½” and the medium solid green to 2” x 4 ¾.”

Step Two: Stamp, Draw & Cut
Stamp, cut and color the snowlady and book onto a piece of cream cardstock using a charcoal ink pad. Draw a squiggly-lined mistletoe from her hand as shown. Take the red paper and punch out a 2” circle 1 ¾” from the top right corner and 1/8” from the right side. Punch 2 each of dark, medium and light green sprigs of pine. Punch 3 small round holes in the bottom right corner about ½” apart depending upon the charms you have chosen. Using the round nose pliers gently twist open the jump rings, slip the charms onto each ring, carefully thread the ring through the holes in the paper and close the ring.

Step Three: Text, Assemble & Embellish
To create the sentiment, type “Merry Kiss Mas” into a 3” x 3” text box. This example centers the text and uses AR Christy at 28 points. Be sure to leave enough space between “Kiss” and “Mas” to place the red embellishment. Cut and glue the sentiment to fit behind the 2” circle centered. Glue the red patterned paper to the card base centering to create a cream border.

Glue the green patterned paper to the card base ½” below the top of the red paper. Glue the solid green paper to the upper left corner of the red paper as shown. Wrap the twine over the solid red and green paper and glue to the back of the paper. Then glue to card base.

Using a throwaway paintbrush, paint wet glue that dries clear onto the bottom of the red and green patterned paper. Sprinkle with flower soft ivory ‘snow’ and let dry. Place pop-up dots onto the snowlady and book and glue into the position as shown. Nestle the snowlady into the snow. Glue the pine sprigs over the top of the twine placing the darkest color on the bottom and the lightest on top. Glue 3 red embellishments into the center bottom of the sprigs. Place a red embellishment between the words “Kiss” and “Mas.” Place two green rhinestones for her sparkling holiday eyes.

Step Four: Interior and Envelope
Using the computer, create a text box about 4” x 6” and type “Twinkling lights, cookie and cocoa nights, a cozy mystery or two, happy holiday to you!” The example shown uses the type face Comic Sans at 16 pts centered. Print and cut the sentiment into a 4” x 6” rectangle. Adhere the sentiment to the card as shown. Use scraps to form modern shaped Christmas trees with star and circle toppers glued to the left side. If desired, add a few pine sprigs and three berries glued to the envelope flap and send out your happy holiday wishes.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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