Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Mystery Wednesday

Welcome to 2018. Hope you all had a great holiday break. I made a dent in the TBR pile, and watched a few movies on TV. Miss Sloan, one of the movies that I liked best, stars Jessica Chastain as a lobbist who is willing to do almost anything to win. It's not a traditional mystery, but it does have mystery elements. Here's the trailer. 

The world's largest Mystery Convention is in Florida this year September 6-9 (see yesterday's post for a 2018 Mystery Convention Calendar) and registrations are discounted until January 15th. They are also holding a contest - those who register will be entered to win annother registration for a friend. Details are on the Bouchercon Facebook page

The close of the year brought one giant bit of sad news when mystery great Sue Grafton passed away on December 28th. She wasn't just a great writer, but also a great mentor, who was kind to aspiring writers and loved her fans. I'm glad to see the decision that they won't let another writer continue on with her series, as throughout her career she was against anyone else finishing her series. As her daughter said "the alphabet now ends in Y." You can read the New York Times obituary here. There were also several heartfelt tributes in the mystery community, such as this one on Mystery Fanfare. Here are some of our favorite Mystery Playground posts about Sue and her books...

Marcia Muller, Sue and Jan Burke held a wonderful panel at Left Coast Crime in 2014 where they gave real answers to hard questions. Here's our recap of that panel. 

Kerry Hammond loves Sue Grafton's books so much that she wrote a tribute in 2013 in S is for Sue Grafton

We will miss you, Sue. Thank you for giving us Kinsey

One of our new year's resoultions is to get the Mystery Playground Book Club going. Our first book pick is Death Comes to Pemberly by PD James. My mom and I have both finished the book already and it's great fun. You can join the Mystery Playground closed Facebook group for discussion here. We'll be disscussing it mid-month so there's still plenty of time to read it if you haven't already. 

- Deborah Lacy

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