Friday, January 12, 2018

Street of the Five Moons and an Ignorance is Bliss

Kerry Hammond is here to match book two in a great series by Elizabeth Peters with the perfect drink.

I’m a big fan of everything Elizabeth Peters. Her Amelia Peabody series is one of my favorites of all time and I’ve read each installment multiple times. I am also a fan of the shorter, but extremely entertaining, series featuring Vicky Bliss, a professor of art history who can’t seem to steer clear of adventure—and trouble.

We’ve already paired the first book in the series, Borrower of the Night, with a mulled wine drink HERE. Today we are tackling book two, Street of the Five Moons. Our drink is Ignorance is Bliss. The obvious connection to Vicky Bliss needs no explanation, but it also plays on the irony that even though Vicky is well educated, due to her measurements she has trouble getting people to take her seriously.

In Street of the Five Moons we travel from Munich, where Vicky is working at the National Museum, to Rome, Italy. She is on the trail of a master art forger whose forgeries could cause a threat to the authenticity of collections in every museum across the globe. In Rome she meets a man calling himself Sir John Smythe, someone she is romantically drawn to even though she suspects him of some shady dealings. As she closes in on the identity of the forger, she finds herself wrapped up in a level of intrigue she has never experienced.

The Vicky Bliss series is a lot of fun and they’re great books to read over and over. I find myself turning to one when I’m in the need of a book that is sure to entertain. Kind of like comfort food for the mind.

Ignorance is Bliss
1 oz Campari
1 oz vodka
2/3 oz passion fruit syrup
2/3 oz apple juice

Put all ingredients in an ice filled shaker, shake well, and strain into the glass of your choice. Squeeze and top with a wedge of lime if you’re feeling daring.

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