Monday, January 15, 2018

Soup Swap

It's time to swap some soup! On cold winter days a big pot of homemade soup is a welcome friend. But on day five eating the soup, not so much. You can freeze the extra, but sometimes the veggies aren't as tasty. 

The solution to this is the old fashioned soup swap. Invite five of your friends to your house and ask them to make a pot of soup each and separate it out into six disposable plastic containers with the recipe. Then you trade the containers of soup. I usually host a lunch for the swapping, and the menu definitely contains soup. 

It's important to include the recipe so people can check the ingredients for allergens. Some swappers may make deals to take two of one type and none of another, so to avoid ingredients people can't eat. At the end of the swap you should have six yummy soup meals (including your own.) 

My friends and I have also done non-soup meals, but soup is the easiest by far. 

It's a fun event and a great way to take care of lunch for the week. 

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