Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Mystery Themed Ice Cube Trays

Kerry Hammond is here today with some gift ideas for the mystery lover in your life.

Before we know it, spring will be here and it will be time for cocktails by the poolside. You'll need some ice cubes to put in your drink, so I wanted to share with you some great ice cube trays for mystery lovers.

This first tray is sold at Bas Bleu, a catalog with great gift ideas for book lovers in general. It contains a gun, knife, poison bottle, and candlestick.

You can't go wrong with skull and crossbones ice cubes from Amazon.

These giant skulls work well for drinks that you don't want watered down, like a Manhattan or Old Fashioned. Because they're so large, they melt slowly.

Mr. Bones is my favorite. I love Fred products and this guy is great because you can freeze him in pieces or as a whole skeleton, just by using or not using the plastic insert piece.

Happy Shopping.