Friday, March 2, 2018

Anthem For Doomed Youth & Lavender Lemonade

Kerry Hammond is here today to pair a historical mystery with the perfect drink.

Anthem For Doomed Youth is the 19th book in the Daisy Dalrymple series by author Carola Dunn. Dunn has just finished the 23rd book, which is due out this year, and I've always enjoyed this historical series. Daisy was born into a certain social position but has never been interested in an idle life. She works as a freelance writer and is married to a Scotland Yard Detective whose superiors are constantly bewildered at her involvement in her husband’s cases.

In this adventure, it’s 1926 and Daisy’s husband, DCI Alec Fletcher of Scotland Yard, is away investigating three bodies found buried in the woods. In his absence, Daisy heads to their daughter Belinda’s school for a visit. Just when you think Daisy is staying away from all police investigations, a dead body is found on campus and she is put in the middle of solving her own murder. While Daisy tries to figure out who at the school might want the victim dead, Alex is racing against time to stop more deaths from happening.

Lavender Lemonade is a great drink to go with this book, Daisy and the friends she visited the school with were always quite parched as they chased the girls around and spent time sleuthing.

Lavender Lemonade
4 oz. Lemonade (best if made from fresh squeezed lemons mixed with simple syrup)
1 oz. Lee Spirits Lavender Gin
A dash of Strongwater small batch spirits and botanicals

Pour all ingredients over ice in a glass and gentle stir.

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  1. Apart from tea, Daisy's favourite drink is half-and-half red and white vermouth with soda. Try some of that with the next Daisy book you read!!