Thursday, March 8, 2018

Instinct on CBS: from author James Patterson

There’s a new drama on CBS starting this spring and it’s based on a James Patterson novel; Kerry Hammond is here to tell us about it.

I am a big fan of Alan Cumming and I enjoyed every episode of the Good Wife he appeared in. I started to see previews for an upcoming CBS drama starring Cumming and I was very intrigued. When I heard it was from bestselling author James Patterson, I knew I had to check it out.

The show is called Instinct and is scheduled to air on March 18. Cumming plays an author and professor teaching abnormal behavior, Dr. Dylan Reinhart. He is also an ex-CIA agent. The NYPD pulls him into a case involving a serial killer because the killer sent Reinhart's book as a clue. Even though Reinhart really clashes with detective Lizzie Needham, who is heading up the case, they eventually realize that they have a way of working together that gets the job done.

Here’s a preview of the show.

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  1. This show will be doomed from the get go, trailer shows Woopi Goldberg. I know I will not be tuning in.